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Our regular season runs from January-November. Recital is held the week before Thanksgiving and students are on break from then until the New Year.

Students must be enrolled by mid-June to participate in that year's recital; however, we have ongoing enrollment year-round for some of our classes.

Our annual schedule is a little unusual. Most studios follow the traditional school calendar. Our families love our dance season for many reasons, including:

  • Recital fees are due in June/July/August vs. being due in December.
  • Our high school Seniors can focus on graduation/prom/etc. during their second semester of their Senior year (or continue dancing with us if they plan to stay local after graduation).
  • This schedule keeps things constant for students over the summer - we think this is beneficial because students typically become less physically active over the summer months.
  • Families will have more time to spend together during the holiday season.
  • Fall is a hectic (and expensive) time of year. With our schedule families don't have to add "dance enrollment" to their already busy back-to-school season.
  • Families can take time off for family vacation during the summer and it won't conflict with recital.


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