Boundless Dance Academy is located in the Blue Ridge Annex,  just southeast of Chrysler Ave. at:

12500 E. US 40 Hwy, Suite D, Independence, MO, 64055

Our facility features ample parking for your convenience.

Walmart, Lowe’s, Starbucks, Chipotle, Applebee’s, and other shopping and dining establishments are conveniently located within a 3 minute drive of our facility.

The following is a list of the mileage and estimated drive times from surrounding locations to our studio:
  • Downtown Independence – 5 miles/11 minutes
  • Independence Center (291 & I-70) – 5.6 miles/11 minutes
  • Downtown Raytown – 3.5 miles/9 minutes
  • Downtown Blue Springs – 10.7 miles/13 minutes
  • Downtown Lee’s Summit – 14 miles/18 minutes 
  • Downtown Kansas City – 10.35 miles/ 15 minutes



Our lobby spaces offer ample seating  where guests can sit and relax or work on their laptops using our free Wi-Fi. Our main lobby has a microwave (the annex space has a microwave in the kitchen). Children can play while their sibling is in class. Parents love having a fun and safe environment specifically designated for their toddlers and younger children while they sit and wait in the lobby. Our main lobby has a TV, play kitchen, blocks, books, toys, and more!




Boundless Dance Academy has 4 dance studios - fully equipped, spacious, and most importantly safe for our dancers. Hours of dancing can cause strain on joints and muscles; therefore, it is extremely important that dance studios have properly installed flooring to reduce chances for injury. Boundless Dance Academy studios feature professionally installed "true sprung" floors, which greatly reduce strain on the bodies of our dancers. The subfloor consist of two layers of wood which are placed on top of rubber squares - the floors are not in contact with the concrete slab at any point. The floor is "floating." The flooring surface on top of the wood is a "Marley" material which is considered a standard in the industry. This type of flooring offers a "controlled slip" making it easy for dancers to turn and travel across the floor without being too slippery. 

The studios also feature ballet barres, mirrors, surround sound stereo systems, and easy access to restrooms.

STUDIO A (800 sq. ft.)




STUDIO B (850 sq. ft.)



Our new Annex is now OPEN! Below are a few pictures. More pictures will be posted soon!

STUDIO C (The castle) - Pictures coming soon!!!


STUDIO D (1,200 sq. ft.)