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Coloring Pages/Crossword Puzzles/Word Searches:

PDF to Print: Ballet Vocab CW Puzzle Word Search Packet



Links to YouTube Videos Recommended by BDA Staff:




Dance Related Movies:

*Please note: These movies are available on various sites including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, etc. Some are free, others have a purchase or rental fee associated with them. Please note the rating of the film and screen movies as you deem necessary before allowing your children to watch them.

Ballet 422 - Rated PG          Ballet 422 Movie Trailer  

A Ballerina's Tale - Not Rated           A Ballerina's Tale Movie Trailer

First Position - Rated PG            First Position Movie Trailer

High Strung - Rated PG           High Strung Movie Trailer

Step Up - Rated PG-13          Step Up Movie Trailer

Leap (aka Ballerina) - Rated PG        Leap Movie Trailer     

Wendy Whelan: Restless Creature - Not Rated         Restless Creature Movie Trailer

White Nights - Rated PG-13          White Nights Movie Trailer    

Mao's Last Dancer - Rated PG            Mao's Last Dancer Movie Trailer