Read what people are saying about Boundless Dance Academy...

Facebook post from a BDA parent:

“I am not a big promoter or sales person. I don’t try to convince people that what I’m doing is great and sway people to my "side." But when I have something I think would benefit other people... I share. So I’m sharing. At Boundless, my children have flourished in dance (and truthfully, I have noticed a change in them socially too) in just a month. They are doing things, technique wise, that they have never been challenged to do before. My kids are excited about dance for the first time ever! And while they’re being challenged technically, they are at a place where I can actually SEE that they feel loved and supported emotionally too. And even though we are there pretty much every day of the week, they beg to stay and to go on days we don’t even have classes. I feel strongly that kids need an outlet and a "home away from home." Just the aura, the vibe, at this studio is different from any studio I have ever been in. If you have been contemplating a place for your kids to channel creativity and to grow as a person, please come out and hang with us for a few classes. I’m there, like I said, pretty much every day of the week so I’ll be there to hang with. :) I LOVE when I feel like I've found something wonderful and can share it with others...and I want to share this something wonderful that has happened to our family with your family too.” 

- Cicely Enyard, Parent of BDA students Tatumn and Avery

Message from a former student:

Hey Rebecca. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for being such a great teacher to me in the past. Although I do not dance anymore I believe that ballet (and your classes specifically) helped me find joy in life. My love for the arts helped me discover a passion for music and develop a sense of confidence when I'm on stage. I may never be the best, but I can always be Cassie and that is definitely enough. No one has my voice and that in itself is a very precious thing. Thank you for being an encourager and pushing my limits at a young age. I saw that you now own your own studio and dancewear store and I am so excited to see where God leads you. Best wishes, always.                          

-  Cassie S., Independence, MO